QuEST Fleet Management

QuEST Global Digital

Enabling business owners to locate, track, monitor, and assess their fleet in real time 24/7.

QuEST Fleet Management simplifies tracking fleet vehicles, analyzing driver performance, and reducing operational costs by providing dongles that attach to fleet vehicles’ on-board diagnostics (OBD-II) ports to capture, analyze, and visualize the breadth of fleet data, and deliver real-time actionable insights. Whether a fleet of passenger vehicles, delivery vans or lightweight industrial trucks, QuEST Fleet Management increases the efficiency of monitoring vehicles locally and remotely, assessing driver and vehicle performance, forecasting vehicle wear-and-tear and improving route efficiency. 

The key capabilities of this solution include: 
Trip management: Supports real-time tracking of vehicles, including their location, number of trips, and details (i.e. distance, time and route). 
Vehicle diagnostics and reporting: Provides capabilities to set diagnostic parameters, such as engine condition, power train pressure, and temperature pressure. 
Driver behavior analytics: Helps capture data on driving patterns, including braking and acceleration, fuel usage, and speed as measured by revolutions per minute (RPM). 
Alert Creation: Gives users the ability to create customer alerts when cars enter and exit set areas (geofencing), idle, exceed expected miles per gallon (MPG), etc. 
Mobile Application: Option of coupling the solution with a mobile app (for relevant partners) in order to provide various mobile apps for vehicle discovery and management. 

QuEST Fleet Management can also be deployed for use by drivers and is designed to capture and display J1939 (heavy-duty vehicles) and 15031 (passenger vehicle) diagnostics, vehicle location, and other metrics. It is also a User management application that can be customized to support user scenarios and needs, including those for fleet administrators, fleet owners, and drivers. Adding on, this solution has a Twin-connectivity paradigm that uses either dongles for connectivity or a mobile app, which acts as a gateway for the dongle. Finally, the solution comes with Vehicle and dongle management as well, in order to simplify associating dongles with specific vehicles, and likewise, drivers with assigned vehicles. QuEST Fleet Management simplifies reporting fleet data by enabling daily, weekly, and monthly reporting with the ability to filter and graph parameters by fleet, vehicle, fault code, and location and even support exporting data onto Microsoft excel for easy data tracking.
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