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Software based census system to manage your trees and plants

What is
Software based census system to manage your trees and plants How works? Map based system that can be used on desktop or mobile, online or offline. Why do we need Tree care system with realtime data and analytics. enables easier data sampling that are measurable, reportable and verifiable. Feature and Function at Jejakin: - Work plan development Mapping, plot and tipography development, tree planting planning resulting in individual QR codes generation. - Census and data update Offline data gathering using mobile application in remote areas. - Report and analytics dashboard Actual and updated data presentation, for monitoring and decision making. - Environmental impact calculation Providing information and environmental analysis resulting from tree planting. Environmental impact calculation - Carbon absorbtion Prediction and calculation of absorbed carbon from individual tree on each plots. - Biodiversity As ecology indicator by measuring biodiversity species that appears resulting from tree planting activities. - Water Infiltration Measuring water infiltration improvement resulting from tree planting. - Greenhouse gas Calculating green house gas emission that can be absorbed by each tree in the planting area.

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