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Low code digital government platform that empowers you to make simple citizen interactions

Offer your citizens a single place to interact with government using AccessGov.  Our self-service tools enable you to index existing web applications, upload legacy PDFs, author content, and create new, full-featured web applications. Instead of searching multiple agency sites, all of these disparate systems are combined in a single AccessGov citizen engagement portal where users can search, browse, and interact on their terms.

AccessGov not only simplifies citizen interactions but can automate your service delivery and fulfillment with workflow.  Send forms for approval, orders for shipment, records for filing… Whatever your process, AccessGov workflow can make it easier.

AccessGov is offered by NIC and Tyler Technologies as a SaaS product.  Please contact your local representative to obtain a product license.  Enhance your citizen experience with other products from the Tyler Technologies family like Socrata for data visibility and Gov2Go for mobile citizen engagements.

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