Cloud-based Compliance Recording & Intelligence

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Microsoft 365 Certified

IXCloud is a secure, fully managed native cloud compliance recording solution-as-a-service for Teams

IXCloud, together with Teams, provides a holistic solution to not only highly regulated organizations that are required to record and analyze interactions, but also business’ that interact and transact with customers daily. The interactions are encrypted and securely stored in Azure in a compliant way.

IXCloud is a Microsoft certified compliance recording solution for Microsoft Teams. It is a native Azure solution that’s elastically scalable and uses the Teams compliance recording API’s.

IXCloud is simple to deploy, simple to use and simple to support

IXCloud for Microsoft Teams features many benefits, including:

· Fully managed, native Azure Software-as-a-Service

· Ability to natively record audio, video and screen sharing

· Zero hardware or software footprint

· GDPR, MiFID II, HIPAA compliance with built-in recording notifications and 256bit AES encryption

· Securely stored data in your choice of more than 15 Azure datacenter regions, helping compliance with data sovereignty requirements

· Ability to instantly scale to support business growth

· Dashboard that provides at-a-glance information on interactions

· Selective recording by call scenario, call queue or DNIS

· Call recording or no recording based on key word in the subject line of the meeting invitation

· Record multiple endpoints to a single tenant

· Omni-Channel playback plus transcriptions

· Reduces liability

· Provides analytics

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