Nuvento FNOL Chatbot

Nuvento LLC ұсынады

Enable policyholders to report an event by making simple conversation with an FNOL chatbot.

The FNOL chatbot is a conversational bot built with AI, ML and NLP capabilities. It aims to make the customer experience of reporting an FNOL after a distressful event less painful. Users can simply report an FNOL on their everyday messaging application, attach the incident’s images and the claim would be registered.  


The FNOL chatbot would work as a digital claims assistant. Once the user expresses the intent to report a loss, the bot would collect relevant information such as the name of the insured, insurable event type, location, images and guide the user through the next course of action.  


Powered with our deep expertise in claims data processing, artificial intelligence technology and machine learning we have built a powerful, continuously evolving FNOL chatbot model that gets more and more intelligent over time. 


  • Easy FNOL filing
  • Rapid resolution of customer queries/improved customer satisfaction
  • Reduced support costs and repetitive tasks
  • Faster settlement of claims
  • Intelligent information gathering with AI
  • Quick cost estimation
  • Omni-channel support


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