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TowerSheet - Field Services Integrated

One Logic Solutions Ltd.

Streamline your oil and gas field operations: field ticketing, fleet inspections and HSE management.

Looking for a practical solution where you can manage your team, fleet and clients?

Stop wasting precious time and money as you wait for updates from your crew in the field. TowerSheet is a powerful software platform that allows you to leverage data to streamline operations, identify areas for improvement, and boost sustainable revenue for the long-term.

TowerSheet empowers your company leaders, field workers, finance and HSE staff to make strategic decisions based on data-driven, actionable insights. It gets data where it needs to be, fast and securely, all through a single, intuitive software tool.

TowerSheet comes with three main modules: Field Ticketing, Fleet Inspection and HSE Management. Each module houses all forms, priority lists and reports that you need to modify and review, as well as share with your team. With the help of the TowerSheet team or on your own, you can customize fields, forms, and preset actions based on your current system configurations.

The Field Ticketing module enables managers to create ticket directly from the field, even when Internet is offline. Increase productivity, decrease invoicing cycle, and assign jobs to their team. The module has an invoicing function that allows users to save reports in a variety of formats and print them, as well as send invoices to clients right when job orders are completed.

The same document viewing and editing functionalities are present in the Fleet Inspection and HSE Management modules, as well as the capability to add notes, change user access, and assign actions. The Fleet Inspection module provides managers a detailed view of the state of the fleet so they can recommend maintenance activities. The HSE Management module allows you to perform comprehensive incident investigations for compliance and fast emergency response.

With TowerSheet, you can:

  1. Monitor operations, from task status to payments, from your dashboard;
  2. Perform equipment inspections and safety initiatives effectively;
  3. Allow your teams to implement timely response to safety-critical events;
  4. Track the progress of job orders so you can complete them on time (and get paid on time);
  5. Audit tasks and create truthful and accurate inspection records and HSE reports, to ensure compliance with regulatory bodies.


Learn more about the product features: http://www.towersheet.com.