Optimiso Suite - Internal Control

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An effective internal control useful to all

With the Optimiso Suite internal control software, you not only ensure compliance with the standards and laws in force, but you also transform your internal control into real benefit for the company.

  • Reliable and simplified internal control
  • Fully automated monitoring of controls
  • Reporting and solution approved by auditors

Take advantage of centralized internal control where all the elements are interconnected: risks, controls, mitigation measures, processes, responsibilities, action plans and incidents. You build your risk and control matrix in just a few clicks.

Updating is quick and easy with the Optimiso Suite internal control software. The modification of an element is reflected automatically throughout the internal control system. It is thus guaranteed to be consistent and error-free.

Flexible and customizable, the software is suitable for both SMEs and large establishments that need to manage internal control at local and Group level.

Why choose Optimiso Suite ?

  • + 25,000 daily users
  • + 15 years of experience
  • A consulting service and quality support
  • A presence in many sectors of activity: banks, insurance, public establishments, etc.

This application is available in English, French and German.

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