OfficeExpert EPM

panagenda Inc.

Endpoint Performance Monitoring with Actionable Insights for Teams Call Quality

Enterprise organizations are embracing a remote worker model as a standard practice. Many are relying on Microsoft Teams as their main communication solution for messaging, calls and meetings. This places a new burden on IT support groups to maintain an optimal digital experience for Teams call quality wherever users are located.
OfficeExpert EPM provides detailed performance data on all Teams calls and meetings. The information is gathered from localized agents running on computer endpoints, which provides the most accurate metrics to measure performance and identify user experience issues. If you really want proactive oversight to manage call quality for Teams, then OfficeExpert EPM can help.
Our integrated solution provides actionable insights to help IT support groups in the following activities:

  • Real-Time Reporting Dashboard
Activity metrics for calls and meetings are gathered as they happen and transmitted back to the central performance monitoring database which powers a Call Quality Experience dashboard.

  • Measure True User Experience
Evaluate headset and device performance, plus network response times, to optimize employee hardware selections and home office bandwidth provisioning.

  • Enable IT Support Troubleshooting
Empower IT technical support groups with detailed performance information from actual user endpoints to perform root cause analysis and remediate call quality issues.

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