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Leading GDPR compliance software solution, Europe-based

PrivacyPerfect is a renowned legal-tech organisation headquartered in The Netherlands, providing privacy compliance solutions on an international market successfully for nearly a decade.

Serving over 2000 users of world-renowned organisations daily, PrivacyPerfect's proven software solution for easy GDPR compliance simplifies privacy related tasks and makes the regulatory compliance process easier and smoother. Our high-end software provides a solution for all primary data privacy needs, empowering privacy professionals worldwide with built-in smart automation, to perform their tasks easier, quicker, more accurately, and more efficiently. Fully European based, ISO-certified, developed by privacy experts.

The PrivacyPerfect solution consists of 5 key modules:
  • Processing Inventory: designed to help organisations comply with the Article 30 obligations of the GDPR. Set-up your organisational hierarchy, and see exactly how data flows.
  • Assessment Manager: holds extensive functionality & built-in automation for pre-assessments, complete data protection impact assessments, and for collaboration on these records.
  • Data Breach Module: comply with the GDPR through keeping a register of both reported and unreported security incidents. Embed the workflow of incident and data breach inventory inside your organisation.
  • Data Subject Requests Module: handle data subject requests faster within your organisation, regardless of the size of your team. Built and designed based on the guidance documents of national supervisory authorities and the EDPB.
  • Vendor Management Module: leverage a quick and improved way to assess the level of privacy compliance of third-party organisations. Analyse, monitor, audit, manage, and control risks associated with third parties your organisation is working with or planning to work with.

Further features of the PrivacyPerfect SaaS solution include:
  • Smart automations throughout
  • Access rights and role management
  • Secure collaboration and communication from within the software 
  • Reporting, insights, and visualisations in customisable format
  • Document management, data templates, and libraries
  • API connections to integrate with other systems (i.e. Jira)
  • Assessment Light, to collaborate on DPIAs with other departments
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) and Single-Sign-On (SSO)

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