NFT Marketplace Builder | Low Code

Xooa Inc.

Build a fully customizable NFT marketplace with a prebuilt solution template and low code tools.

Xooa's NFT Marketplace Solution Template enables users of all blockchain expertise levels to build customizable NFT marketplace apps for minting and trading NFTs in a fraction of the typical time with low code tools and automation.

NFTs offer a new paradigm for monetizing and trading intellectual property as they have essential properties for digital asset use cases; they establish ownership, they are transferable, they are traceable, and they are non-interchangeable. Through these properties, NFTs encompass an enormous range of possible opportunities, and with Xooa, these opportunities are now in reach for countless copyright holders. With this Solution Template, users can create easy-to-use NFT marketplaces for...

  • Video clips from a sports league or teams
  • Digital art from an art community
  • Exclusive content for top-tier fans of celebrities

...and so much more. Xooa's platform makes it easy to tokenize any type of media IP that a user owns, ensuring that it is branded as their unique work and efficiently traded through a simple UI.

Xooa's NFT Marketplace Solution Template runs on top of consortiums hosted on Azure Blockchain Service, adding features like low code that abstract away the complexities of blockchain and empower organizations to build and customize NFT marketplace solutions quickly and easily.
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