PI3 Issuer Profitability

Profit Insight

PI3 is an Azure cloud-based card payments analytics/reporting platform for financial institutions

PI3 is an Azure Cloud-based middleware platform that allows businesses that are connected to card transactions (credit or debit, consumer or commercial) to gain insights from their data. ‘Connected’ entities include: banks, co-branded card issuers (both parties), acquirers and merchants (i.e. any company that accepts card payments).

PI3 transforms vast quantities of raw data into easily managed multi-dimensional structures of information. These structures can be accessed by novices, power-users, managers and analysts using familiar tools like Excel, Power BI and more. PI3 runs in the Microsoft Azure Cloud infrastructure. Combining with the capabilities of the recipient client, PI3 requires no new investment in hardware or software.

Along with insights about their specific customers (consumer or corporate), information is also available at an aggregate level to drive comparisons with market totals or benchmarks. The software is agnostic to the transaction processor (Visa, MasterCard, American Express etc.) and can deliver a multi-network view.

In terms of use-case flexibility, the essence of the service is focused around delivery of effective and efficient inputs into clients own algorithms, rather than presupposing that the output from any analysis of card transactions is sufficient in itself.

For scalability, the delivery model is designed to be self-serve; while positioned as value-added middleware, there is scope for additional consultancy support if required (delivered by Profit Insight and other Microsoft partners).

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