Lease & Property Management Software

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Lease & Property Management Software Solution

Progen is a commercial lease & property management solution developed to manage the most detailed lease administration both from a landlord and tenant perspective. The Progen solution is configurable to suit any business or organisation and integrates with your Microsoft Dynamics financial suite.

Lease & Property Management

Store all your leases, properties and other assets in Progen’s extensive database. Powerful search and filter functions for an easy find. Unlimited user-definable fields to store data against any lease or asset. Detailed lease & property calculations and specifics. Multi-level property hierocracy including land.

  • Lease & Property Accounting

Integrated accounts receivable, accounts payable and General Ledger. Property and retail-oriented set of financials, including utility billing. Produces full journal outputs to be transferred to any integrated financial system and can export all calculated data into Excel.

  • Options

Automatic updates of the lease term of the lease. Notification of option renewal and exercise period. Notification letters for Tenants can be automated.

  • Reviews
Automated lease reviews based on profiles (CPI, Market, Fixed, Percentage of and Combination). Progen also handles any retrospective adjustments. Automated rent review letters to Tenants.
  • Outgoings
Track, calculate and reconcile any outgoings expense. Budgeted outgoings calculations automatically charged. End of year reconciliation process and statements to include invoice or credit note for Tenants.
  • Retail Calendar
4-4-5 calendar, door count, sales profiles and %-rent calculations. Link sales profiles to a lease and charge different %-rent amounts based on the term and sales figures combined.
  • Asset Management
Store assets at any property level. Associate with maintenance activity and report on depreciation and asset status. Create preventative and reactive maintenance work orders. Process work and purchase order approval from assigning the job to a contractor through to payment.
  • Budget & Forecasting
Advanced budget and forecast utility that automates and streamlines budget preparation. With a set of rules and assumptions combined with previous charge history, Progen generates accurate projections for income, expenses, outgoings and capital expenditures. Reconciled budgets can be produced on an individual lease or property basis.
  • Analytics
Progen’s features a wide range of standard and customised sets of reports. Report on any data stored in the system on a portfolio or individual level. Gain business insights and automate scheduled reports for increased productivity. Progen also features leading business analytics and all findings can be shared or downloaded to spreadsheets.
  • Maps
Pinpoint and categories by colour coding your sites, leases and properties for an easy geographical overview.
  • Document Management
Store electronic or scanned documents and link to any secured third part location for convenient access.
  • Data Upload Utility
Save endless time and headaches with Progen’s upload Robot that will feed the system with all your big data.
  • Notifications
Receive notifications and reminders around any important key event. Set up defined workflows for escalations.

  • Automatic Calculations

Boost productivity and accuracy with automated calculations, workflows and scheduled reports.

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