Employee Experience Management with Hubfly (India) P Ltd ұсынады

Foster better employee experience through a platform for recognition, ideation and collaboration.

PROBLEM STATEMENT Consider this startling fact: the cost of employee disengagement is $30 B annually in the US alone! In an increasingly dynamic workplace, employees are expected to do more, even while they strive for work-life balance. As a people leader, how do you ensure that you deliver the best possible employee experience, and maximize productivity? THE SOLUTION---Hubfly from Quadra is a comprehensive employee experience management solution. Hubfly augments your existing investments, and unlocks the human capital in your enterprise, by: 1. Taping into the collective intelligence of your workforce 2. Increasing the feel-good factor in your workplace 3. Fostering stronger ties among your employees 4. Using gamification and leaderboards to motivate performance Our unique Hubfly Employee Engagement Score provides you a quantitative assessment, and helps you to take a data driven approach to improving your employee experience. WHO CAN USE HUBFLY? If you are a people leader in a mid-sized or larger organization (250 users or more), Hubfly can provide you with a simple solution to what is often a nebulous, vexing problem. Call us today to learn more, and for a customized demonstration!

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