Corvidae AI Marketing Analytics & Attribution

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Corvidae Unified Attribution & Analytics: predictive AI to unify marketing data & replace cookies.

Corvidae AI Marketing Analytics & Attribution

Corvidae uses patented AI to replace cookies and unify all marketing activity across a genuinely single view of customer engagement and conversion.

Corvidae uses probabilistic AI to create an accurate and live picture of customer engagement with all marketing activity wherever it exists in your media mix, and score the influence of that marketing content on a customer’s future conversion. Built in collaboration with EMEA’s largest AI research faculty, Corvidae replaces existing forms of marketing measurement, which fail to create a joined-up picture due to a reliance on 1st party cookies, and deterministic methods of measurement.
Existing digital analytics solutions rely on data generated by the leading web analytics suppliers - such as Google and Adobe - to create a picture of customer engagement. As part of QueryClick’s research in the effectiveness of these platforms, we found that data supplied by these systems for the use of attribution were typically around 80% incorrect, undermining efforts to better evaluate the contribution of marketing content on customer engagement and conversion.
This issue is compounded by the requirement for analysis of ‘Walled Garden’ data sources - such as Google Ads, Facebook, and Amazon - for marketing activity which require de-duplication and integration with 1st party data as well as offline TV, instore POS and advanced digital activities such as programmatic display and video.
Corvidae’s use of patented AI to replace existing measurement methods verifiably resolves these challenges and offers a live attributed view to the deepest granularity possible - including down to individual ads, keyphrases and impressions - to allow daily marketing optimisation and bid adjustment.
QueryClick’s expert professional services ensure accurate data onboarding and collection, offering a clean, simple solution to the complex problem of multichannel media mix measurement.

Why does Attribution Matter?

  • By 2023, digital will be 2/3rds of all marketing spend in the US, EMEA & APAC.
  • 93% of online spend is going to siloed digital channels. They have their own measurement and reporting systems, and don't interoperate without effective attribution.

Benefits of Corvidae

  • Corvidae’s patented AI uniquely allows removal of all cookies from your digital analytics - replacing the 80% incorrect data being fed into all other attribution systems.
  • Digital marketing campaigns perform significantly better when driven by attributed insights - allowing upper funnel activity to be correctly valued. In Google Ads, you will typically return 20:1 ROAS on reallocated budget, in Facebook 35:1 ROAS.
  • A case study deployment of Corvidae to unify online and offline returned ROI of 40:1

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