Sectigo Certificate Manager for Microsoft Intune

Sectigo Limited

Sectigo's integration with Microsoft enables you to issue and manage keys across mobile devices.

Security teams need a certificate management solution that can:

  • Integrate with Intune to seamlessly and scalably issue user keys and provide asymmetric cryptography to mobile devices throughout the enterprise
  • Automatically renew certificates due to expiry, changes in certificate subject name, or cryptographic strength, so that device use is never disrupted
  • Improve visibility using a single pane of glass, alleviating the headache of multiple key management portals, across multiple MDM and cloud vendors

Leveraging Sectigo Certificate Manager for Intune enables your security team to store and manage certificates in Sectigo Key Vault while also benefitting from:

  • Zero-Touch distribution of keys across devices. S/MIME requires that the same keys are distributed across multiple devices used for email.. Sectigo is the first CA to meet that requirement through a native integration with Intune. Enrollment to native email applications uses Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP).
  • Zero-Touch deployment of keys for mobile MS Outlook email. Integration between Sectigo Certificate Manager and Intune allows Sectigo Certificate Manager to push keys that the MS Outlook email app can consume.
  • Zero-Touch issuance of certificates for Wi-Fi, VPN, and client authentication. Sectigo Certificate Manager can issue certificates for Wi-Fi and VPN access, as well as for all types of SSL certificates, including DV, OV, and EV for web servers, load balancers, and API gateways.
  • Automated certificate lifecycle management. When Sectigo Certificate Manager is integrated with Intune, you don’t have to manually issue, revoke/replace, or renew certificates. Intune requests authentication, digital signature, or encryption by the key stored in the Sectigo Key Vault, eliminating the need to manage multiple certificate management portals.
  • Enhanced visibility and reporting. Sectigo’s native integration with Intune lets you view the status of the certificates in use through a single pane of glass, enabling you to see expiration dates and cryptographic strength while eliminating service disruptions for both public and private certificates.

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