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Conductor - The ideal Microsoft 365 companion for collaborative work management

Augment Office 365 with its ultimate companion

Enhance your digital workplace with Conductor, the ideal Office 365 companion. Conductor augments that foundation and fills in the gaps to create a seamless digital ecosystem for your teams to collaborate and orchestrate their work in real time.
  1. Data tracking and visualization - Live data, generated from work in the platform, gives everyone a single source of truth.
  2. Task management - Easily request work, track communications and decisions that happen during the work.
  3. Playbooks - Codify best practices and create repeatable templates that match the way teams work best.
  4. People management - Clearly define roles and responsibilities. Group people together with similar roles, permissions, etc.
  5. Info and file management - With everything in one place, everyone is working from the same set of instructions and action items.
  6. Project planning - Set and track dependencies, start date, due date, milestones, and critical paths.
  7. Project stages - Track and manage the project progress through a structured set of phases, including stage gates.
  8. Risk management - Manage risks with a defined owner who is responsible for monitoring and mitigating the risk.
  9. Learning management - Build skills and knowledge sharing directly into your programs to create just-in-time learning.
  10. Progress tracking - Monitor project progress and use project reviews to flag issues early and course correct.

Fully integrated into Office 365

  1. Azure - use Single-Sign On (SSO) to seamlessly integrate Conductor into your work environment. Directory sync makes user management quick and easy.
  2. SharePoint - connect Conductor and store all of your task, project, workstream, and initiative files in your existing SharePoint repository.
  3. Power BI - connect Conductor as a data source in Power BI and easily embed dashboards, reports, and tiles back in Conductor.
  4. Exchange - overlay data from Exchange in Conductor's timeline view to make sure teams never miss important dates and use out-of-office to ensure tasks are appropriately assigned.
  5. Excel - Conductor’s Playbooks are stored as Excel documents to enable the entire team to manage them. Import/Export data from Conductor to Excel for easy editing.
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