Sharecare Health Security Pass (Vaccine mandates)

Sharecare ұсынады

Comply with CMS and state mandates: COVID Vaccination / Testing Tracking for Employees

Compliance & inclusivity, for all users

- Offers a choice of clinically equivalent options for vaccinated and unvaccinated participants.
- Supports evidence upload and helps avoid labor disputes.

Easy to implement in just a few days

- Intuitive chat experience
- No app downloads or complex account creation

Practical for known and unknown visitors

- Supports employees vs. walk-ins, customers/visitors
- Works for on-site check-in and remote verification
A part of our secure Health Security ecosystem
- Data managed by certified healthcare technology company
- Easily integrates with our other Health Security products

Health Security Capabilities:

Analytics Dashboard

- Verifiable health security audit trail and evidence for liability protection.

Digital Evidence Upload

- Vaccination cards
- Serology (antibody) test
- PCR / Rapid tests
- Monoclonal antibody infusion (mAb)

Direct User Communication

- Personalized messaging

Pre-emptive protection

- Regular verification of exposure to COVID-19

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