Sigma Conso Intercompany

Sigma Conso SRL ұсынады

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A modern Intercompany reconcilliation SaaS solution for SMEs and large groups.

Sigma Conso Intercompany is a 100% web-based solution for the reconciliation of intra-group operations at transactional level, allowing an ongoing reconciliation process through the entire accounting year. The result: amounts are reconciled prior to the consolidation step and independently of it as part of a regular process. Sigma Conso Intercompany fits quickly into existing application environments (ERP, consolidation package) and can be deployed in entities in just a few days (intuitive interface). Easy to integrate with your Azure AD or with your Office 365 for an optimal Single Sign-on experience. Optimized data integration from modern ERP ( like Dynamics 365 ) thanks to a web data connector (using the OData protocol).

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