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Our complete suite of HRM software will let you manage and evolve your most valuable assets.

Simployer - Simplifying being a great employer

Simployer provides you with an intuitive tool that puts the leader in the driver's seat, and makes things simple and relevant for the employee, as well as clear and predictable for HR. This is the result of building an HRM system with human beings at the centre.
We offer simplifying solutions that in a seamless, simple and understandable way, make it easy to be a great employer.

We call it people first technology.

Keeps your people data safe

With many employees, there is a lot of personal information to keep track of and keep up to date. The GDPR places strict requirements on how companies handle employee information. The Simployer staff register ensures secure storage and role-controlled access, which contributes to high data quality and a good overview for HR.

Simployer HRM system rests on a secure and modern HR master data model. It ensures that the data is securely stored, that it is exchanged under rigorous identity checks and access management, and that it is not changed, lost or destroyed in any unauthorised manner – for any reason.

All Simployer services are built as software as a service (SaaS) from the start:
Constanty up-to-date:

  • Regulations
  • Features
  • User experiences

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