ConnectingCare platform and external care management team

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Scale your team and reduce unnecessary visits with an external team and integrated telemedicine

Tamarin Health's ConnectingCare platform, external care management team, and integrated telemedicine tool help Caregivers like physician practices to scale their practices and reduce unnecessary office visits. 

  • Collaborative Care Management: Care team members that have the same shared patients but are from different clinical affiliations can collaborate together through our HIPAA compliant platform. Includes chat; message board; patient demographics; prescriptions; and health history information in one place. Our efficient, collaborative model allows real-time data sharing with key clinical team members and helps reduce errors.

  • Telemedicine: We built our telemedicine tool based on feedback from Caregivers on what they wish their current telemedicine platform did. There’s no need to download anything as the video console opens right in your web browser, and you can customize it with your logo and colors. The room can also host many individuals so providers can have patients, caregivers, coordinators, and/or other staff on the call.  Scheduling is simple with one click, and you can easily view patient visit history.

  • Remote Patient Monitoring: Allow your care team to focus on in-clinic needs. Our external care team can check on your patient while they are at home. We can deploy a telephonic or device patient monitoring solution, whichever is right for you and your patients. Keep your patients home safe, reduce unnecessary in-office visits, and monitor patient outcomes and recovery easily.

  • 24/7 Answering & Triage Service: A cost-efficient way to reduce an ever increasing call volume. You can choose the program that suits your practice needs: 24/7, After Hours, or Daytime call coverage; Emergency dispatch/call overflow; ED diversion; and/or Schmitt-Thompson Protocols for triage.

  • Patient Engagement: Patients can use our platform at no charge, helping them track and be engaged in their own care. Patients also own and govern access to their data, always.

Our team enables Care Givers and Care Seekers to make the best healthcare decisions.

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