clinicgram (CE Type I Digital Health Platform)

Skilled Skin, SL

A SaaS platform that supports Better clinical Decisions based on Smart clinical Images

Clinicgram is a Software as a Service platform that supports clinical decisions using algorithms based on multisource clinical data (clinical images, clinical scales and Electronic Health Record data). It is a Medical Device CE type I that is organized in four different modules:

      • Clinicgram Imaging: it enables the efficient capture of non-radiological images (mobile clinical pictures) and associated metadata (clinical scales) through the use of standard mobile devices.
      • Clinicgram RIPA: it allows the integration with any Electronic Health Record (EHR) system to get any necessary patient data.
      • Clinicgram DSS (Decision Support System): thanks to our algorithms, clinicians can obtain a list of the diagnoses and treatments associated with clinical cases like the one studied.
      • Clinicgram Workflow: based on the outcomes of the other modules, it supports clinical actions like second-opinion processes, Hospital referrals or clinical recommendations.

* CLINICGRAM cannot and should not be used to assess, diagnose and/or decide the treatment to be administered to patients because CLINICGRAM does not recommend or validate medical diagnoses or the use of medications. The user will be solely responsible for complying with the requirements for the exercise of his profession and for applying his professional judgment when using the information obtained from CLINICGRAM for the attention and care of patients. Such information should not be considered, in any case, a substitute for the above mentioned criteria.

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