SMARKIA - Maverick energy management

Smarkia Energy S.L. ұсынады

The first step towards a New Paradigm of Energy Management.

Enhancing energy transition is needed more then ever.
Our vision: Boost add value to energy management into an endless loop, improving energy efficiency in a whole new way.

  • Real-time quality data
Capture data from industries, buildings and homes has never been easier, due to our multi protocol & IoT Ready technology

  • Put your data to work powered by AI

Innovative analytics to more intelligent, data-driven decisions, maximizing energy savings and lowering costs.

Add value services for large data holders (e.g. utilities) like massive simulations or automated quotation based on customer segmentation.

Our key is a discruptive way of applying AI to energy data analytics enhanced with computer vision vs state-of-the-art, resulting in:
  • 99% speed improvement in time-series processing.
  • 45% accuracy improvement.
  • 60% data quality improvement.

  • Reduce implementation costs and times

SMARKIA will help you find reliable partners throughout the energy transition value chain, so you can focus on saving energy.

  • Operational excellence

Automated management of energy asset and control systems, smarter grids, predictive models for maintenance, energy conservation measures detection. Reporting

Our mision:  Maximaze energy & operational savings to energy transition players on both the supply (Utilities, ESCOs, manufacturers & service providers, financial) and demand side (Industry, public sector and customers)

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