SmartConnect Technologies Pvt. Ltd ұсынады

Enterprise DxP platform, offering omni-channel collaboration, seamless digital adoption

Provides an integrated workspace, for social / digital communication & collaboration, alongside business process tools like ticketing, CASE Management, knowledge portal and cognitive capabilities.
Enterprises engaged in customer / dealer / partner or any experience management (sales / marketing / services) will find our tools, extremely helpful, to handle their conversations, from a single-window, with ease of access to enterprise data, all in one window.
Enterprises are struggling to handle these external conversation across various tools, with silo'd datasets, which mars the entire experience / engagement with their outside world. By bringing all these conversations / communications, with cognitive capabilities across voice, video, integrated knowledge suite, enterprises can bring significant operations efficiency, enhance QoS, reduct TAT and deliver a better experience.
Our DxP platform enables enterprises to deploy end-2-end operations across Sales, Marketing, Services, with seamless integration across social / digital channels, third-party datasets, to drive operations, enhance operations through AI....

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