snapADDY Grabber


Capture lead data from webpages, social networks etc. into a CRM. Integrated business card scanner!

With snapADDY Grabber you don’t have to manually type in addresses & contact data in your CRM again. Whether you are working in marketing and are looking for qualified leads on the web or you are working in sales and are typing in data from your collected business cards, snapADDY is going to help you with its automated processes. snapADDY Grabber is a sales support software for research and direct transfer of B2B contacts to CRM systems. The process of prequalification of prospects and leads is greatly reduced and more efficient.

Currently, the snapADDY Grabber software consists of the Company Data Search, the CRM Updater and a Business Card Scanner, which all are continually being developed. This allows snapADDY to provide a broad coverage of your lead management processes. The manual work in the CRM system is reduced to a minimum while using snapADDY Grabber. It consists of these features: 

  • Data Recognition Algorithm: The basis for the automatic address recognition is the snapADDY address parser, which can recognize an address from an unstructured text. Our algorithm structures anything found and extracts information values as name, company or telephone number. You can use various input resources in order to capture address data: directly from e-mail signatures, contact pages on websites or from PDF documents.
  • Contact Person Search: snapADDY Grabber is integrated to LinkedIn and can automatically find the right contact person for your needs. Filter your search results for a certain department and extract the given contact information from a possible decision maker to your CRM system. 
  • CRM Updater: The number of obsolete and false data caused by duplicates gets larger the longer a CRM system is used. With snapADDY CRM Updater, you can directly check contacts & organizations in Pipedrive,, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce to ensure their up-to-date status. All information our algorithm can find to that contact are being compared with the values in the CRM system and overwritten if needed.

snapADDY Grabber supports these clients: 

  • Grabber: Firefox, Chrome, Outlook. snapADDY Grabber needs to be installed as a webextension (Firefox), Chrome-Extension or Outlook Plug-in and currently does not support other browsers.
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