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Intelligent ITSM BOT for Microsoft Teams

TIM-TALK is a cognitive ITSM bot for Teams. This bot integrates seamlessly with any existing ITSM tool like SymphonySummit, ServiceNow, ManageEngine etc and works proactively to help users to create/manage/support requests intelligently using its AI capabilities. This BOT is powered using Microsoft Azure, sits on Teams and uses all its capabilities to improve the user experience.

Some of the features of TIM-TALK are,
  • Existing ITSM integration
  • Create a Service/Incident request with a dynamic adaptive card for custom parameters
  • Manage Service/Incident request including “View in <ITSM Tool>” integration
  • Intelligent service/incident and category/catalogue selection while raising requests
  • Intelligent dialogue transitions for fail-safe conversations
  • SLA based proactive request updates
  • BOT handoff to engineers
  • Share the request information anywhere in Teams using Messaging Extensions
  • View all the user requests details in one place using Teams Tab
  • Detailed KB videos and pop-ups using Teams Task Module
  • Seamless AI - ITSM automated synchronisation

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