SparkBeyond: Problem Solving Platform


SparkBeyond: Shaping the future with AI-powered analytics

SparkBeyond empowers organizations to solve their most complex challenges with AI-powered problem-solving. Its platform offers unparalleled productivity and efficiency by automatically analyzing a variety of structured, disparate, first and third-party data to generate millions of hypotheses in minutes, instead of months. 

Not only does the technology collapse the time to value, it’s designed to tackle the bias inherent in human thinking, so that the platform’s ideations run in a multitude of directions, providing a variety of ideas, including many that clients would never have considered on their own. 

SparkBeyond automatically augments this core data with vast repositories of collective human knowledge, allowing both data scientists and business owners to see the bigger picture with an expanded and enriched scope of insights.

Fortune 500 companies have partnered with SparkBeyond to disrupt their markets as this AI technology has helped generate over $2 billion in impact for clients across 20+ industries.

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