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Enterprise-grade system to support operational management of a project-oriented company

Allpro expands existing ERP systems by providing tools necessary to collect and confirm data about employee- and project-related costs, in such vital processes as time reporting, project expense or business trip approval. 

Our system handles key team management tasks – skill-based project role staffing, future employee and team availability assessment, and project allocation approval. Having access to rates (both employee and customer ones) aids effective presales offering and project profitability validation. 

Data concerning business events is validated with case-specific approval requests (hours, expenses, absence, data amendments, etc.). Upon confirmation, records are propagated to ERP via API.

Key advantages: 

  • Business data is accurate and confirmed before it is recorded in ERP 
  • Fewer back-office employees can support a growing organization 
  • ERP license budget can be optimized toward cheaper seats providing quality input 
  • Financial months can be closed earlier thanks to optimized paperwork workflows 

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