CI Synchronizer (Enterprise Edition) for Lansweeper to ServiceNow

Syncfish Pty Ltd ұсынады

A highly scalable SaaS product that correlates and synchronises Lansweeper data into ServiceNow CMDB

CI Sync (Enterprise Edition) for Lansweeper to ServiceNow SaaS solution that intelligently synchronizes your Lansweeper discovered assets into your ServiceNow CMDB.

CI Sync (Enterprise Edition) has been built for scalability (it can handle millions of asset/CI records through its highly scalable architecture using Microsoft Azure services), delivers high performance using techniques such as delta record synchronization and is extensible through its configuration driven architecture which supports a wide range of record types/CI classes, attribute types and relationship types. The platform automatically derives and creates CI relationships in your ServiceNow CMDB allowing your organisation to harness the value of CI dependencies to improve your incident management, critical incident management and change management processes.

Additional source and destination connectors are currently under development for the CI Sync (Enterprise Edition) SaaS platform and will be available from April 2022.

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