災害ネット/クロノロジー型 危機管理情報共有システム


DisasterNet/クロノロジー型 危機管理情報共有システム

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"Disaster net" is a unique situation called "disaster time", it is a tool to unify and share information easily

In the event of a disaster, the secretariat will be obsessed with information processing because a large amount of information is reported from the workplace / employees of each department by various means such as "telephone, mail, messenger". As a result, problems such as "delayed reporting to management, delayed decision making, overlooking important information" occurs.

A method (chronology) of writing disaster information on a whiteboard along a time series is a method established also in that industry type and business type.
By writing on the bulletin board (white board) page of each group online from a personal computer or smartphone, we can unify information of the whole company to the server.
By sharing (linking) centralized disaster information, it is possible to grasp in real time what is going on and what is happening now.

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