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Move OT data to Azure with specialized connectors for OSI, Ignition, Rockwell, GeoSCADA and more..

Uptake Fusion: Cloud-Native Industrial Data Analytics Hub

Get more out of your digital investments and reduce environmental impact.

Azure Benefit Eligible

Move OT data to Azure with specialized connectors for OSI, Ignition, Rockwell, GeoSCADA and more..

The answer to oil and gas company challenges like sustainability is in the machines. Machinery in refineries, heavy equipment for exploration, and oil/gas storage and transport vehicles, all produce OT data invaluable to the organization, especially operations and maintenance. Data analysis leads to insights, timely decision-making, and increased visibility for management.

Uptake translates data into smarter operations with the ONLY Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) Cloud-Native Industrial Data Analytics Hub. Uptake provides our customers with the scalable, secure ability to connect their machines, people and data together to accelerate industrial intelligence to optimize costs, manage risks and increase revenue assurance.

Uptake Fusion provides quick central access to granular industrial operations data from multiple sources for experimentation and analysis. In less than two weeks, our cloud-native Industrial Analytics Data Hub, can put your event and time-series data to work in new and high impact ways. We securely eliminate many of the bottlenecks slowing down your use of Industrial data (both OT and IoT) across the enterprise (multi-site and/or multi-systems) at scale.

  • Acquire and consolidate granular industrial operations data from your existing and new IoT systems to support analytics, experimentation and operationalization activities

  • Contextualize your data to leverage automated data quality assurance & normalization

  • Import & utilize your asset hierarchy/data models on a cloud platform to align to existing data management investments

  • Support a DIY culture - Works with Uptake Radar, existing BI and Analytics tools, and an engineering ready trending tool

  • Deploy it as SaaS hosted in your own or Uptake’s cloud

Uptake Fusion Accelerates unlocking Business Value:

Lower Cost of Operations
  • Increase Operational Flexibility

  • Reduce Shutdown Time

  • Increase Return on Assets

  • Increase Labor Efficiency

  • Increase Worker Safety & Retention

  • Lower Energy Costs

  • Move towards Sustainability, Meet ESG Targets

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