Finly Accounts Payable Automation

VV Finly Technology Pvt Ltd. ұсынады

For Finance Teams to collaborate, increase control,visibility & productivity by automating payables.

Finly is a Scalable & Intelligent Accounts Payable Automation Solutions.

Finly ensures CFOs & Finance Teams gain complete control & visibility over payables. All of this while increasing the Finance Teams' productivity by over 80% by automating manual & repetitive operations and by simplifying remote collaboration within Finance Teams, through a powerful Finance Communication Framework. 

Our value proposition to Finance Teams: 
  • Complete Control via Robust Governance & Compliance Framework
  • Complete Visibility via Analytics & Insights
  • Increased Productivity with tools & bots to automate repetitive & manual efforts
  • Accessibility by allowing Finance teams to collaborate via Finly's Communication Framework

Streamline invoice approvals, automate reminders, auto-update GLs on Accounting Systems, ensure audit compliance & governance with a system designed & built for Finance Teams.

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