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Make proactive, data-lead decisions in real time with WillowTwin™.

Reduce expenses, grow profits, and better manage risk with WillowTwin, Willow’s digital twin software platform that integrates siloed systems for buildings and infrastructure assets.  

WillowTwin centralizes otherwise siloed data sets into a virtual replica of the built form-a digital twin. The platform provides a single interface allowing actionable insights for all asset data, driving value across multiple business functions, project stages and types of built assets, including buildings and infrastructure.

When applied at scale over a portfolio, WillowTwin allows you as an asset owner or manager to view the performance of your portfolio at large, or deep dive into individual assets and performance metrics, including KPIs.

With a complete asset register, you can store all an asset’s important information, whether that be warranties, repair tracking, or performance and inspections histories. Layer your data to find trends and relationships, viewing it all in the easy-to-understand dashboards and historical views.

Features & Benefits

All asset data in a single pane of glass - WillowTwin is a single source of truth for all asset information. Available on desktop and mobile devices, asset managers can surface all the information they need day-to-day whether they’re in the office or on-site

Drive proactive maintenance - In operations, WillowTwin is able to provide powerful, contextual insights into faults, building maintenance and sustainability, so you can prevent unexpected malfunctions and maintenance and proactively maintain equipment to run as efficiently as possible

Applicable at any stage of an asset’s lifecycle - Start your journey with Willow right from the planning and tender stages of construction to prevent design discrepancies, better manage suppliers, and have the end goal of operations in mind from day one. With a smooth handover process at practical completion, you get up and running faster

Integrate Safely and Securely - WillowTwin is an open environment with a marketplace of 3rd party suppliers. Securely integrate the platforms you already use and discover even more trends in your data

Willow’s capability is founded upon deep subject matter expertise in construction, architecture, Building Information Modelling (BIM) Management and Asset Management. We have a long history in delivering complex construction projects across a range of sectors and have leveraged this expertise in deploying digital twins for the built world.

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