Data Discovery Platform (DDP)

Wipro Ltd ұсынады

DDP is an insights-as-a-service solution to conceptualize, build and deliver analytical apps

Data Discovery platform with a vast array of AI and machine learning driven industry specific analytical apps that help to spot anomalies in reconciliation of trades for an investment bank or an impending failure of a critical piece of equipment in a manufacturing plant or identify potential cancerous growth from radiological scans, to name a few among the 150+ industry specific pre-built apps.

It aids organization achieve the below : 

  • Conduct Exploratory, predictive and prescriptive analytics experiments
  • Industry focused, business facing analytical apps
  • Pre-built data models/KPI's, powered by a low code data science environment
  • Best-In class analytics through ML techniques and AI models
  • Design thinking and story telling based visualization

It is relevant in positioning as below : 

  • Persona based insights – CXO s organization wide across industries 
  • Quick full stack analytics at low cost à Insights as a Service! 
  • Pre-built analytical apps specific to industries
  • Azure - specific support/reference architecture implementation
  • Data Science lifecycle through single interface
  • Scalability and ready to use infrastructure for analytics 
  • Secure platform for quick analytical experiments 

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