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ZEDEDA Edge Quick Connect for Azure IoT


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Simplify Azure IoT projects w/ auto on-boarding, securing, & cloud managing gateways for Azure IoT

ZEDEDA and Microsoft are making it easier to get value from sensor data, by solving the challenges of provisioning and securing edge devices, deploying applications, and accelerating the collection and transmission of data to the Azure IoT platform for use in functionality like analytics and machine learning.

With Edge Quick Connect for Azure IoT, customers get a cloud service that allows them, from any browser, to:

  • Monitor and understand the status of their devices
  • Connect their edge devices quickly to the Microsoft Azure IoT platform
  • Improve device and IoT Edge life cycle efficiency



  • Zero-touch provisioning: Get devices up and running quickly. Dropship and instantly provision devices, with all base OS and system software automatically downloaded from the cloud. Device installation requires no IT expertise or pre-configuration.
  • One-click Azure IoT Edge enablement: Customizable, one-click Azure IoT Edge runtime deployment via the application catalog. The catalog simplifies orchestration of legacy and greenfield applications and provides a complete audit trail of each deployment and events.
  • Azure IoT Hub connectivity: Collect data from various things and transmit to Azure IoT for analytics, machine learning, etc.
  • 100% visibility and control: Deploy, monitor and manage all devices from a single dashboard. Upgrade the base OS with a single click, either individually or in bulk. Remote console access makes it possible to troubleshoot a device from any web browser.
  • Superior security designed for the edge: Zero-trust model ensures device integrity in remote environments where potentially hardware, software, and individuals are unable to be verified. Comprehensive security capabilities provide the same level of control and scrutiny expected in the datacenter.
  • Future-proof: Flexible and scalable solution with an open architecture makes it possible to easily add functionality, devices, and control to the network.