Zelros - AI for Augmented Insurers


Zelros technology helps insurers to better serve their clients and offer them a better Customer XP

Zelros is a B2B SaaS company created in 2016, specialized in Artificial Intelligence for Insurers. They develop a ready to use technology to “augment” their client employees in their daily activities and make them more efficient and more accurate.


Their main use case, Zelros for Distribution, increase sales efficiency (selling points/covers personalized to the client profile, prediction of the appropriate policy, churn, upsell and cross-sell...)

First roll-outs have shown significant improvement in sales performance: +20 à +50% increase of quotes and +5 à +20% on win ratio

Their new Documents2Insights module automatically processes documents on mainly three use cases: 

  • Subscription, 
  • Claims, 
  • Medical selection

Its first roll-out for a broker brought significant improvements throughout the automation of the motor subscription process: 30% of subscription fully automated and average processing time dropped from 3 minutes to 30 seconds on the other 70%

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