Zensar Intelligent Data Quality Solution

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Bad data can hurt your business; Improve your data quality by up to 80% with Intelligent Data

Zensar's IDQ is a modular, customizable, and intelligent data quality solution that can be deployed seamlessly on Azure. Available at a fraction of price quoted by commercial DQ solution, iDQ is made for businesses dealing in large volumes of master data from various different sources.

  • 80% improved insights, accuracy and trust in data
  • 60% Faster onboarding of new data quality rules
  • 70 Shorter implementation time

What We Offer:
  • A completely customizable rule engine that allows business users to introduce data validation rules themselves at table and column levels.
  • Ability to connect to any data sources on-premise or on cloud using Azure’s native connectors. No matter where your data resides, iDQ can help.
  • An intuitive UI that shortens the learning and adoption curve while empowering users to take complete control of their data.
  • Integrated pre-built Power BI dashboard to keep track of the health of your data consistently. It also enables users to do root cause analysis of data issues.

Zensar's iDQ + Microsoft Azure Solution + Power BI
iDQ is built using Azure native services to help enterprises manage their data quality irrespective of data volume and variety. Cloud solution also ensures there is no vendor lock-in with expensive and inflexible commercial products allowing enterprises to easily scale and add new features based on business needs​

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