Microsoft Viva: 8H Workshop


Discover how Microsoft Viva, an integrated platform built on top of Microsoft Teams, will help your people to be their best, to thrive in the new reality.

In today's world, employees want more flexible remote work options, and meaningful in-person collaboration. Empowering people to thrive in a more flexible work world requires rethinking everything— from how you empower managers, to how you create culture, to how you reimagine the employee experience.

And that’s where Microsoft Viva comes in. As your employees are challenged with a growing imbalance between work and life, increased burnout, and decreased wellbeing, and your teams and organization face diminishing social capital, there is an urgent need to digitally reimagine the employee experience.

Workshop Objectives: • Realize the benefits of Employee Experience platform • Facilitates more productive conversations which are outcome-based • Provides recommendations to address specific needs for business continuity

Discover how Microsoft Viva helps organizations deliver personalized experiences to their employees with news, tasks, and conversations, provide data-driven insights and recommendations, organize content and expertise, and deliver formal and informal learning when and where it’s needed.

What you can expect: • A prioritized list of business scenarios that can be addressed by deploying Microsoft Viva • Recommended preparation in terms of skills and best practices • A roadmap outlining potential workstreams and dependencies with clear next steps • An adoption framework

Why you should attend…

When it comes to digitally reimagine the employee experience, you need an experienced Gold Partner. “Contact us today to get started!”

*Prices vary based on the company´s size.

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