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When you introduce Microsoft 365 tools, it’s essential that your employees receive the right support throughout the transition. We'll guide you through the process by implementing an adoption center.

Modern Workplace Center of Excellence includes a series of structured sessions designed to help you enable digital transformation. When you introduce new Microsoft 365 tools, it’s essential that your employees receive the right support throughout the transition.

We'll guide you through this process by implementing an customer center of excellence that starts with our tried-and-tested, human-centered approach. This approach is then tailored it to your organization’s key opportunities to improve overall efficiency—and keep your employees happy.

The Modern Workplace Center of Excellence is a combination of services aimed at supporting our customers in implementing the Modern Workplace to achieve their goals.

High Level Workplan (indication) Start: Setup and preparation activities. Customer Modern Workplace environment is up and running Week 1-2: Perform data analysis (for example: Workplace analytics, Modern Work Scan, etc.) and provide recommendations/action plan Week 3: Define desired employee work routines and build practical work scenario's around different target groups in the company Week 4-5: Finalize and approve adoption plan. Set up communication plan. Week 5-9: Start support for selected target groups. Support include adoption interventions such as workplace onboarding, Team workshops, IT-Coaching, Ambassadors-program, etc. Week 10: Evaluate and scale up to entire organization.

Recommendations All recommendations and findings will be documented and reviewed


  1. Scalable support model with training and ACM materials ready to deploy.
  2. Productive and smart way of working with Microsoft365
  3. Recommendations for streamlining the organization with the help of Microsoft365 applications

Example practical outcomes:

  1. Distribution of work from paper to Planner
  2. Eliminate internal mail using Teams
  3. Automated measurement of customer satisfaction with Power Automate

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