RPA For Invoice Processing: 5-Day Proof of Concept

AQL Technologies

Get AQL’s RPA to implement a truly intelligent automation solution for your organization’s Invoice Processing using Power Automate & AI Builder

AQL’s Robotic Process Automation expertise complements its years of experience with Microsoft best practices and knowledge to help companies achieve true automation in invoice processing. We provide our customers with a 40-hour RPA POC which evangelizes them with the need for RPA in automating business processes and provides an overview of our development methods and deliverables.


You will also get to see a demo of a real-world RPA invoice processing which leverages modern Microsoft technologies like Power Automate, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft AI, & SharePoint to automate every task ranging from simple data entry to complex integrations. This demo will show the legacy accounting System being used by Modern RPA technologies along with complex business validation logic to implement real world RPA, something that clients are really looking to implement. You will also get answers to all your questions before even getting RPA started in your organization.

Key deliverables

Our key deliverables at the end of this POC include detailed functional documents on workflows & automation requirements, development estimates, licensing for Microsoft Power Automate, the developed RPA solution, & 3 hours training on RPA.

How do we work with you?

Our RPA Proof of Concept begins with an interaction with your IT and business team to analyze & review existing tasks for scope of automation. This will be followed by our RPA experts demonstrating the development and working of AI models using Microsoft AI Builder, workflows using Power Automate, and their integration with Power Apps applications & legacy software systems. At the end of the deliverable, you will see RPA solution in action for your invoice processing within the scope of the POC.

Project Execution

We use agile methodology to develop automation solutions where the client will be able to customize the solution as per requirement at each sprint of the project. Our RPA solutions are provided at a reasonable price allowing clients to even scale automation to other business processes.

Benefits of AQL’s RPA solutions:

  1. Decreased invoice processing turnaround time from months to hours.
  2. Increased employee productivity for higher functions.
  3. Highly reduced number of invoice backlogs.
  4. Increased annual cost savings.
  5. Reduce Human Errors
  6. Increased ROI of about 100 to 150% in a year.

Here is what our clients are saying after implementing RPA:

“AQL’s RPA service has helped us strengthen our relationship with our business partners. In fact, our vendors are impressed that instead of months, it is now taking hours to process their invoices.”

“There can be no other justification for implementing RPA technology with AQL’s guidance than the fact that we are now gaining all those discounts which were missed out for invoice processing delays.”

“I am actually very excited to say it seems like I got a super employee in AQL’s RPA solution for my invoice processing. I can now use my accounting staff for more intelligent tasks than repetitive data entry tasks.”

Buy AQL’s 40-hour POC and increase your business value with RPA services.

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