Power Platform CoE Setup and Governance 7 wks Assessment


Birlasoft offers you a complete service to help you improving and streamlining the processes in terms of operations, performance, efficiency, customer experience on power platform governance strategy.

Birlasoft's Power Platform CoE strategy is a comprehensive evaluation of an organizations current use of the Microsoft Power Platform. This assessment is designed to identify opportunities to optimize and streamline efforts, share best practices and other recommendations for how an organization can better leverage the Power Platform to achieve its business.

Power Platform Governance Strategy

I. Workspace:

  • Assessment of existing components
  • Set Up Development, QA, and Production, COE workspace under same Tenant.
  • Setup Admin role and Environment Maker Role.
  • Capacity limit for each environment

II. App Management:

  • Define App Classification criteria to decide which environment they will go to.
  • Set up App Compliance Process.
  • Set up Inactive/Orphaned App/Flow Management Process.

III. Improve:

  • Drive action through insights
  • Plan training based on insights.
  • Developer guidance artifact
  • Understanding through maker’s feedback
  • Define Communication Plan and admin tasks.

IV. Data Loss Prevention:

  • Decide which connectors should be enabled for each environment.
  • Process to update existing DLP Policies safely without impacting end users.
  • Process to request a new connector to be part of Policy.

V. Security:

  • Control Environment creation.
  • Security Groups for each environment.
  • User provisioning and management

VI. Governance:

  • Collect audit log data.
  • Set up Reports.
  • Monitor Logs and understand user and developer platform adoption.
  • Check compliance for users and developers.

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