Power BI Foundation: 8-Day Assessment by BiTQ


We aim to help your business, maximise the value of your data, using our expertise in Power BI

Power BI is incredibly powerful and, when set up correctly, provides the tools required to analyse well-structured data and create valuable insights, rather than spend time creating reports.

Enterprise Power BI deployment has multiple complex factors that have to be met to create value and mitigate risk.

BiTQ assists organisations with this, below are just some of the key focus areas: -

Understand how your internal governance requirements impact how you implement Power BI. Design your Power BI implementation to meet your organizational requirements and maintain control, while allowing the different teams to self-serve their analytics. Train your content creators so that they understand the different options for implementation (why do we do it this way). Train your end users to make the most of the platform. Mentor your IT and analyst staff to help them grow and become experts in Power BI.

This framework consists of different services dependent on a customers’ data maturity. There is no solution in a box and BiTQ’s methodology helps customers understand their journey and is adaptive to the client’s needs.

Our key areas of focus within this methodology are: -

Data Governance - certainly the most important area of your data is ensuring you have the correct governance in place Security - Mitigating your data security risks within your business Reporting - This will allow you to make insightful, smart, fast business decisions Visualisation - Make your picture count Apps - Enabling you to easily access the data Training - only with a rigorous training plan, will the adoption of any changes be fully implemented and of course, our Workshops

Pricing is based upon estimated Scope of Works

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