EmPowered Platform: 3-Hr Briefing

Capgemini Group

Enabling organisations to establish their Power Platform capability across their Enterprise

Creating an exceptional digital workplace means understanding your colleagues, their objectives and working habits, and identifying how technologies can empower them.

Power Apps, Power Automate and Power BI can deliver exceptional value within an organisation by allowing them to innovate at pace and at the same time solve problems caused by traditional 'shadow IT'. However, to realise this value there are several areas that need to be addressed to set the Power Platform up for success; including governance, a digital skills gap, and bringing the organisation together to solve its greatest challenges.

Tackling the problem through individual use cases in isolation risks an unmanageable sprawl of applications that aren't maintained and create security & privacy vulnerabilities.

In this briefing session we will introduce our 8-part end-to-end methodology. Through it we enable organisations to support frontline employees in creating solutions using Power Apps and Power Automate, and the power of the data generated harnessed through leveraging PowerBI. This is achieved whilst working in harmony with IT from ambition to adoption.

What does this Briefing include?

  • Identifying what is on your radar to spot organisational challenges and technological pain points
  • Introduce the 8 steps to the EmPowered Platform methodology
  • Zoom in on a major challenge or theme and apply the methodology and Capgemini's unique solution accelerators to solve both the challenge and address user needs
  • Introduce the concept of 'Power Pods' tapping into the citizen developer community, the value of your technical teams, and what Capgemini can offer

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