Sogeti Intelligent Kickstart: 2 Wk Workshop

Capgemini Group

Intelligent and quick approach to determine how client can benefit futureproof from PowerBI

In just 2 weeks we provide a kickstart on intelligent dashboarding. We therefore use the following approach: Day 1: determine results to achieve, scope and success criteria Day 2: start gathering relevant data Day 3: start intelligently combine data Day 4-9: work on MVP dashboard including demo's Day 10: presentation results and follow-up

Provide in short period clear insight in: -

  1. How PowerBI can provide best intel
  2. How client can realize asap the insight for better decision making -
  3. How complex and error sensitive environments can be made manageable

We take the client through the steps:

  1. Plan of Approach
  2. presentation and demo
  3. dashboarding and reporting
  4. intelligent combining needs and info
  5. gathering data 6) determine criteria for success, scope and tooling
  6. determine required results

The pricing may vary depending on the business and client requirements.

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