Digital Workplace Foundations: 4-wk Assessment

Catapult Systems, LLC

Catapult’s Digital Workplace Foundations helps you discover how Microsoft 365 can power your employee experience with an efficient platform and seamlessly integrated security and productivity tools.

Creating a digital workplace with the right tools to support your employees’ productivity, engagement, and collaboration can be overwhelming. Catapult’s Digital Workplace Foundations helps clients implement Microsoft 365 to meet organizational requirements around security, collaboration, and communication. Specifically, communication solutions, aka Intranets, built on SharePoint, collaboration workspaces built on Teams, personal file storage on OneDrive, and automation through Power Platform applications. This foundation is perfect for companies who are starting their digital workplace journey or need a holistic view of their digital workplace strategy.

HOW IT WORKS: Catapult follows a prescriptive approach to help support your employees and encourage productivity and adoption:

  1. Discover: We assess your current environment and the tools you use.
  2. Analyze: We analyze your security posture, identify your technical opportunities, and assess your organizational readiness.
  3. Envision: Through an Innovation Workshop, we discover your business goals and align them to one or more of the eight core pillars of the digital workplace.
  4. Roadmap: We create a roadmap that prioritizes and plots the implementation of your specific business scenarios over 0–3, 3–6, or 6+ months and align your business scenarios to the right technology.

WHAT YOU GET: Findings, recommendations, and a Digital Workplace Roadmap with an Improvement Track and Project Track.

  • Findings of critical components that must be remediated to ensure the success of a Digital Workplace.
  • Prioritization of business scenarios and technology alignment to achieve the business goals defined.
  • Timeline for enablement of key digital services and solutions of prioritized business scenarios.
  • Change management and adoption initiatives to ensure successful implementation and adoption.

  • Client commitment: 12–14 hours
  • Signal Collections: 4 weeks
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