Dynamics Food Assessment–5 day workshop


In the Dynamics Food Assessment-5 day workshop we generate an idea about Project objectives and expectations​,Solution Architecture, Project approach and timeline Budget proposal, Future optimizations

The objective of the Dynamics Food Assessment is to define an optimal scope, roadmap and budget estimation for Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management in line with your business objectives. The daily schedule of this workshop is described below:

Day 1: Business Discovery (6 hours) Interviews with the different stakeholders in the project to obtain insights in challenges, objectives and project expectations​. A Guided Tour in the company gives more insights into the day to day operations of the company​. We summarize the business discovery with a workshop. In this workshop we state the conclusions of the conducted interviews and completion of the Enterprise Control Model:​

Countries and locations​ Legal and logistical structure​ Product types​ External parties​

Day 2: Process Discovery (6 hours) During the Process Discovery we capture the high level requirements of the relevant process areas. The Process Discovery consists of several workshops per domain in which we:​ Identify the different processes in and out of scope​ Collect the key requirements​ Identify the needed integrations​

Day 3: Technical Discovery (3 hours) The Technical Discovery focuses on understanding:​

The current IT Architecture and Application Landscape including subscriptions and software licenses​ The IT vision & strategy​ The integration requirements​

Day 4: Project Approach (3 hours) After the business, process and technical discovery we discuss the project approach for the implementation. ​

​Roles & responsibilities before, during and after the project​ Project phasing and impact​

Day 5: Assessment Outcome (3 hours) At this point, the different components of the Solution Assessment are completed. Findings are processed and turned into conclusions, advice and next steps. During this workshop we will present:​ Project objectives and expectations​ Solution Architecture​ Project approach and timeline​ Budget proposal Future optimizations

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