Governance and Security Workshop on Power Platform - 4 weeks Workshop

Celebal Technologies Private Limited

Unlock Governance & Security with a Strategic Workshop on Power Platform

Celebal Technologies presents an exclusive "Governance and Security Strategy Workshop" for organizations harnessing the Microsoft Power Platform. While Power Apps enables agile application development, a lack of proper guidance may pose security risks. Our workshop focuses on empowering you to strategize and set objectives for maintaining best practices, security, and governance within the Power Platform. In our comprehensive consulting approach, we prioritize knowledge transfer in security, governance, and administration, optimizing tool and network usage in alignment with your strategy, mastering platform and data access management techniques, conducting thorough assessments of COE effectiveness and supplementary tools, and empowering creators for enhanced platform adoption. Moreover, our strategic approach involves administrator training focused on environment, access, and governance, crafting a meticulous environment strategy encompassing ALM, DLP, and DevOps, conducting a readiness assessment of current assets and strategies, deploying a COE starter kit, and fostering collaborative platform ownership. With these pillars, we ensure a robust and tailored approach to empower your organization in navigating the intricacies of Power Platform implementation, setting the stage for a successful and secure digital transformation.

Key Outcomes: -Assessment of present strategy's preparedness and advancement — Platform, ALM, security, environment/licensing, adoption. -Established platform ownership — Forging collaboration among IT, business, and creators. -Uphold optimal practices enabling administrators to safeguard security and oversight. -Enhance oversight and validation of approval procedures. -Furnish a structure enabling managed expansion and prospective development.

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