Difenda - Information Protection and Governance - 4-week Implementation


Use Microsoft Purview to Implement an Information (Data) Protection and Governance solution to improve Security.

More valuable than oil, data is today’s most sought-after resource powering the global economy – making it the biggest target of unscrupulous attackers around the world. Microsoft 365 makes it easier to find, protect, and manage your organization’s data across the entire Microsoft environment and beyond, using the Information Protection and Governance solution included in Purview.

Regardless of where you are with your Microsoft 365 Information Protection & Governance journey, Difenda can help you design, implement, and manage it with minimal effort and maximum results. This consulting service will provide your organization with a custom solution where our certified Microsoft Security experts will learn more about your organization and then will make recommendations on how to use Microsoft 365 Security products to implement a robust solution that will meet your business needs, along with best practices in security. Microsoft Products utilized in the scope of this project include Microsoft 365 Entra and Microsoft 365 Purview.

This consulting service is best suited for customers who are unsure of their current Information or Data Protection and Governance solution, or are looking to increase their Information Protection and Governance. If a customer has Microsoft 365 Purview and are using Information Protection and Governance today, we would be working with them to develop a plan to optimize and grow their implementation to provide the best security for their business. For customers who are using Microsoft 365 but they do not have Purview or Information Protection and Governance implemented this solution will support them in determining how to extend their license purchase and further their security through implementation of this solution. This consulting services can be utilized in any industry, but has been incrementally helpful for heavily regulated industries, such as Public Sector (such as government, healthcare, education), Manufacturing, Retail, and Financial Institutions. Although it is suited for any size of organization, and is recommended for every customer to understand their data and access to it through Microsoft 365 Purview, it is most often discussed in the mid-market to large corporate segments.

How Difenda will help your organization work through your Information Protection and Governance needs in this project scope: 1 - Know Your Organization Review policies, processes, controls, inventory, design, and desired outcomes 2 - Know Your Data Data discovery and classification assisted by machine learning
3 - Protect Your Data Implement policies, labels, and related processes 4 - Prevent Data Loss Leverage tools like DLP and CASB to detect and block exfiltration 5 - Govern Your Data Create effective data retention and records management programs 6 - Manage Your Program Continuously execute, monitor, manage, and improve IP&G activities

Difenda also offers a suite of managed services, powered by Microsoft Security technologies, called the Difenda Shield. This solution can be added to your implementation to further support your organization on your Microsoft Security journey.

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