Power BI Small & Midsize Business: 2-Day Workshop

DMC, Inc.

*A private hands-on Power BI workshop for small and medium businesses.*

This private 2-day workshop is ideal for small and medium sized businesses with technical and business team members who want to quickly learn Power BI and create their first dashboard. Up to 5 team members may participate. Participants will be trained to import, transform, and visualize data. Participants will be able to import data from multiple sources, edit, transform, and clean imported data, and create visualizations of that data. These visualizations can be aggregated into dashboards, uploaded, and shared with organizational members. ### Agenda **Day 1** **Dashboard Planning** This 2-hour session will lead participants through the process of defining dashboard requirements: * What will you measure * Who will use the dashboard * What will the dashboard look like * Where is the data * How and when will data be refreshed **Power BI Orientation and Training** This 2-hour session will educate participants in the following: * What are the different components of Power BI and what do they do * Installing the Power BI advanced desktop client and connecting it to a Power BI cloud tenant * Learning about essential features of the Power BI advanced desktop client **Day 2** **Hands-on Workshop** This 4-hour session is a hands-on workshop where participants will build a working dashboard using Power BI. Participants will learn to: * Import data * Transform data * Build a dashboard **Build Your Own Dashboard** During this 4-hour session, participants will build their own dashboards under the supervision of the instructor who will provide coaching on: * Data modeling * Configuring visualizations * Troubleshooting issues **Note** * This workshop is intended to be conducted in-person over the span of 2 days for up to 5 participants. It may be possible to spread the sessions out over several days. * Attendees should be familiar with Pivot Table functionality in Excel. It is also helpful for participants to have some practical database knowledge.
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