Medical Device Industry: 8-Wk Implementation


A cloud-based modular platform for Medical Device manufacturers and distributors--supporting sales, marketing, and service process, built in the Microsoft Cloud.

Dyn365 MedicalDevice helps you manage the complex relationships and processes inherent to the medical device industry. Accelerated 8-week implementation service.

Implementation Schedule:

  • Week 1: Executive Discovery sessions. Design document. Data structure plan.
  • Week 2: System provisioning, template import and setup. Documentation of edited forms and fields, process workflows and custom fields.
  • Weeks 3 and 4: Custom configuration.
  • Week 5: Client testing. Assist client with initial data load.
  • Week 6: Data integrity review. Data governance review. Personalized dashboards.
  • Week 7: User acceptance testing. System adjustments.
  • Week 8: User and Admin training. Deployment and Go-Live support.

Services and software outside the scope of Dyn365 MedicalDevice available on a time and materials basis.

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