Project Service Automation On-site: 1-Day Workshop

Dynamics Edge

*This workshop provides you with the skills to deploy and manage the Project Service Automation module of Dynamics 365. Delivered at your site.*

This course focuses on deploying and working with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation. ### Agenda **What You’ll Learn** * How to blueprint new projects * Configure and manage projects * Manage resource requests * Structure work breakdown * Configure and manage resources to include: skills, roles, scheduling and assignments, track time, and expenses * Include project estimates in the sales process * Integrate with Microsoft Project * Manage multi-currency and multi-time zone projects * Understand reporting and analysis of project data using native tools and Power BI **Workshop Outline** * Module 1: Introduction to Project Service Automation * Module 2: Managing projects with Project Service Automation * Module 3: Getting Started with Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation * Module 4: Setting-up your organization in Project Service Automation * Module 5: Managing resources * Module 6: The sales process * Module 7: Planning, delivery and billing * Module 8: Working with Project Server Automation * Module 9: Project management and resources management * Module 10: Project Services Automation reporting * Module 11: Review
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